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  1. Star Wars: Battlefront - What To Expect

    Can we expect the same Battlefront we’ve come to love? Or will EA destroy one of our most cherished franchises with DLC and less content?

  2. XBOX ONE is not that bad...
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  4. Why Used Games are Bad!
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  6. Anonymous said: Your xbone essay is laughably bad.

    I’m pleased you got a good laugh from it!

  7. Why the XBOX ONE is slightly better than the PS4…

    After stunning conferences from both companies; arguably the best conferences we’ve seen from them since their predecessors were revealed, we were unraveled to the next gen of gaming and all its glory.

    Conference wise the Microsoft Conference was slightly better with a “A” grade, and Sony with a “B+” But this is about the individual console and what it brings, broken up into individual parts with reasons why. Remember this is SUBJECTIVE, my opinion, and is indeed FACT because I know what the hell I am talking about.

    Appearance? XBOX ONE - now this one is very slight but here is why. Firstly the PS4 looks like a glorified PS2 and remarkably similar to the XBOX ONE. Looking like cheap plastic and not as sleek as the XBOX ONE, and where are the vents? Vents may hinder a console, but as we’ve seen with the XBOX 360, the lack of them can cause hardware failures. And the PS4 running with the fastest processors, incredibly compact, with lack of ventilation seems like there could be potential problems in the future.

    Price? Console + Variable Costs? PS4 - now even this is surprisingly a slight win here. PS4 is $400 and will require a $60/year to play online. XBOX ONE is $500 and requires a $60/year online fee. So it may seem easy to pick the PS4 here but let’s see what gives us the bigger bang for our buck. XBOX ONE comes with a VERY identical console to the PS4, only small internal differences which will not be noticeable gameplay wise. So each console is similar, online fee is similar, but where $100 difference makes a difference is the bonuses. The PS4 is at the root a gaming console, the XBOX ONE will offer TV functionality, Kinect, which might not bark up your alley but millions seem to love these features and mostly certainly the extra $100 is worth it, but PS4 being $400 is almost unbeatable regardless.

    Used Game Policy? PS4 - but yet again very slightly, here’s why! XBOX ONE used game restrictions ONLY, ONLY, ONLY apply to First Party Titles. So people crying about that are ridiculous because only a small portion of your games library will be non-returnable. Third party games can be returned, if publishers want that. So what does that mean? Online passes will probably still exist on the PS4, but not on the XBOX ONE, so prices will be the same. This is a little deeper, but XBOX ONE could easily be saving the gaming industry with used game restrictions and Sony killed all hopes. For us PC gamers we know how much deals and stuff are influenced by new game prices, these are offers and discounts very frequently to combat used game sales because they single-handedly destroy the gaming industry. Don’t believe me? What has come from USED GAMES? Online Passes, Day One DLC, ripoffs from Gamestop, and higher priced games. No used games would have rid the world of this, just as it is almost gone in PC gaming. But altogether no restrictions are better than some.

    Console Overall? XBOX ONE - anything you can do I can do possibly better. And that is the XBOX ONE motto, the XBOX ONE CAN DO EVERYTHING THE PS4 can. You can’t name one thing overall that the XBOX ONE can’t do, try it, message me, you’re right you can’t. What can the XBOX ONE do that the PS4 can’t? Tons of things, and I mean tons, these all range from entertainment perspectives and not really gaming but it is a vital thing. The XBOX ONE clearly has better things to do with it’s tri-split software. The things the XBOX ONE can do is unbelievable.

    Controller? XBOX ONE - come on that’s easy. Dualshock wasn’t made for shooters and when 80% of games on market are shooters, the PS4 suffers.

    Always Online? PS4 - and yes if you are smart and civilized, you would see it is a small win. What’s great about Always Online? When I wake up I won’t have some dumb update to do. Always Online can be an inconvenience, but the minimum bandwidth speed you need is 1.4 Mbps. The average in the US is 7.4 Mbps. Enough said. While it is a inconvenience, and that is why PS4 wins, it has major bonuses.

    Lending Games? XBOX ONE - if you think people lend games anymore, what are you twelve and bringing a cartridge to your friend’s house? With the XBOX ONE I can go to my friends house and play every single game I own on his XBOX, FREE OF CHARGE. That is incredible!! Yes when I leave, he can’t play no mo. But who cares? He just played the damn game with me for a couple hours, what more of a demo would he need? Oh so he can beat it? And never buy it because he already beat it? Yeah that’s right, if someone beat a game, they would most likely not buy the game after, if it was MP, well then guess what he couldn’t play it anyway because chances are that I’m playing it. So it is almost in no way different from what it is now, and without these online checks and restrictions like this people would pirate games like crazy. AND DO YOU SUPPORT ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES? If you support the PS4, you support Communism and I will sic Joseph McCarthy on you.

    Games? Whatever you feel like? I for one I’m not into fantasy games, so the PS4 lineup doesn’t catch my eye but Microsoft came out with some heavy hitters, to me. If you like fantasy game, then the PS4 is for you. And let’s be honest here, when it comes down to what gaming console you want, it’s the games that are the decision point. So thanks for reading and I unleash the Sony drones and XBOX bots!!

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  9. kenezbian:

This should be illegal.


    This should be illegal.

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